Life Practitioners

In the hustle and bustle of this world, there is a group of people who gently take on every task, silently nurturing the final journey of life.

“The Life Practitioner” is a warm title we bestow upon funeral service front liners.

Family Care Consultants, Clinical Care Specialists, Bereavement Care Professionals, Cremation Specialists, and Grief Counsellors represent caregivers across the five service levels of funeral care. They are not just fulfilling tasks, but also practitioners of life education, embodying the noblest concept of “life influencing life” through their actions.

In their work, it’s not about a group of people doing the same thing together, but about collectively utilising their expertise, complementing each other’s shortcomings, and striving towards a common goal. Their tasks may vary, but their objective is unified – to bring dignity and comfort to every end of life.

Not only do they play important roles in the field of funeral service, but they also openly unreservedly share their personal life stories, reflecting objective truths around them. They narrate various emotional states in a self-deprecating manner, with a touch of light-heartedness. Though tinged with a hint of melancholy, they swiftly compose themselves before emotions overwhelm them with a touch of dark humour. They share the delicate sincerity hidden beneath a stoic and professional exterior.

They carry with them regrets that make people’s faces pale at the mention of them, as well as beautiful daily life anecdotes, and share life experiences in various campuses. They also participate in TEDx events, Eslite Forum community talks, and have even been invited to international sharing platforms to share their journey with local industry partners, helping both others and themselves along the way.

Every public sharing is a raw presentation of emotion, as they deeply understand mutual influence in life brings healing and warmth. Their stories hold the deepest reverence for life and the most authentic interpretation of human nature.

Life practitioners, they bridge two worlds, gently providing companionship and solace to the living, and giving dignity and rest to the departed, ultimately softening the passage of time and warming hearts.

“We’re grateful to have you!”

“Wholehearted Dedication. Without Reservation.”

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