Xiao En Centre

Xiao En Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur officially opened its door on 1 June 2007.

Covering an area of 13, 900 square meters, it integrates an exhibition centre, lecture hall, life story hall, Counselling Life Story House, auditorium, and funeral facilities.

The overall design fully demonstrates the combination of modern architectural ideas and characteristics of space and light with natural lighting to bring out a serene atmosphere in Xiao En Centre.

The design concept of Xiao En Centre emphasizes not only the functions of traditional funeral services, but also a comprehensive place that integrates funeral services, memorial activities, cultural and educational activities.

Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai

Xiao En Memorial Park is located next to the North-South Highway, and the geographical position is very strategic: it only takes roughly 40 minutes to drive towards the South from Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 30 minutes to drive towards North from Seremban, and 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers creates a relaxed atmosphere for visitors.

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The founder, Dato Choo Ching Hwa and his wife devoted themselves to the research of the design and development of cemeteries. After years of effort, the first privatized landscaped cemetery in Malaysia – Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai was established in 1987.

Originally an oil palm plantation, the land was transformed into a landscaped cemetery that combines oriental garden architecture with the modern sophisticated layout and design.

Beautiful flowers and natural trees extend around you in our greenery landscapes, with well-arranged driveways and sidewalks throughout the entire park. All facets of modern memorial park development are carefully planned to meet the needs of different religions and ethnic groups.

The landscape design of Xiao En Memorial Park incorporates various architectural styles from different Chinese dynasties so that the cemetery serves not only the foundation for ancestor worship, but also a social education for Chinese history and culture.

Due to the unique features of Xiao En Memorial Park, many schools and universities have visited the Park for education visit.

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Huai En Memorial Park

Huai En Memorial Park is a modern landscaped cemetery jointly built by Xiao En Group and the Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCCI).

It combines the peace and natural beauty of the surrounding environment. The exquisite emerald garden sits on the large green landscape, a true beauty and simply elegant memorial park to honour and celebrate life.

Huai En Memorial Park has a wide range of products that meet the needs of people of all religions, beliefs, and sociocultural backgrounds.

There are columbarium, funeral homes, and crematoriums that are suitable for Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity. It is also convenient to find a parking space.