Embracing loss and walking with you through the journey of grief.

Xiao En Counselling and Support Services serve as a comprehensive resource for the general public in Malaysia to access professional help which are related to grief and loss, life and death. We are committed to promoting the practices of living well, parting well and dying well toward life fulfilment.

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Our Services

  • Online Counselling
  • Face-to-face Counselling
  • Individual / Couple / Family Counselling
  • Home Visit
  • Play & Sandplay Therapy
  • Community Resource Referral
  • Speech, Workshop & Training


  • Children, Adolescents, & Adults


  • End of Life Companionship
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Relationship Loss & Conflicts
  • Stress Relief
  • Sex & Gender
  • Suicide Pre & Postvention
  • Mental & Emotional Distress
  • Personal Growth & Self-Discovery