“Red and White” In The Realm Of Life’s Space

“Red and White” In The Realm Of Life’s Space

To fulfil each farewell entrusted to them, Xiao En Centre is a ” year-round, non-stop ” space dedicated to life. Therefore, the life practitioners who fulfil their duties on the front lines of bringing closure to life must seamlessly rotate being on duty to provide continuous service. As the Chinese New Year approaches, they remain diligent and steadfast to their responsibilities and give their all. However, this space for life has not forgotten the meaning of traditional holidays. It hides clever touches in every corner, quietly revealing the warmth of the Lunar New Year, allowing busy Life Practitioners and staffs to take a break and feel the warmth of spring. It also warms every person who visits the Xiao En Centre, providing a sense of healing to each individual.

Red and white are colors that seemingly contrasting especially in Chinese culture, but the interplay of ” red and white ” can harmoniously coexist in this multifunctional space for life because of the preservation of culture and the warmth of human nature. In the year 2024, the Year of the Dragon, let’s together reflect on the “red and white” moments of the Xiao En Centre throughout the years.

“The Qin Lounge” café is a great place for guests at the Xiao En Centre and is also a popular spot with a high flow of people. Because of its relaxed and cozy atmosphere, it offers a delightful combination of snacks, desserts, and fragrant coffee. Occasionally, there is even a pianist accompanying the ambiance. Now, with the addition of these bright red accessories, it seems to gently remind you that “the New Year is approaching.”

Xiao En Centre is a versatile space. In 2008, an “Annual Banquet” was held in the hall to thank all colleagues for their hard work and celebrate the Lunar New Year together.

Exciting both inside and outside, the fusion of Eastern and Western elements in red creates a space for colleagues to connect and bond.

The Spring Festival is incomplete without gifts. Each design, packaging, and thoughtful detail is a masterpiece crafted with care and sincerity, expressing our care and blessings to family, partners, and colleagues.

Innovative designs, combining both hardware and software, includes electronic posters in the venue, conveying the spirit of spring and well wishes.

In addition to the decorations for the eve Chinese New Year, on the fifteenth day, the logistics space is still filled with a festive atmosphere because the staff on duty are preparing to celebrate the Chap Goh Mei together.

The beauty of “lou sang” lies in the moment when everyone shares a common goal and collectively makes good wishes, praying for a year of peace and prosperity ahead.

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