Medical Organisation

Medical Organisation
Medical Organisation: Planning Our Medical Care Before It’s Too Late

One of the most difficult things we face in life is the prospect of losing our health. In our previous article, ‘Financial Organisation: The Importance of Planning Ahead’, we talked about planning for life events such as incapacitation and death with our finances. Naturally, the next step after financial organisation is our medical organisation. When we’ve sorted out our financial organisation and we know where the relevant funds will be coming from, we can now ascertain the type of medical care we want in the event we become terminally ill or incapacitated.

Like financial organisation, medical organisation also has the same key steps, that being to prepare for the worst and having a trusted person to rely on. While we are healthy and can make decisions about our medical care, we should take the time to sit down with someone we trust and discuss our wishes for the future. This involves discussing what kind of medical treatments we want to receive, who we want to make medical decisions on our behalf if we become incapacitated, and how we want to be cared for if we are terminally ill.

Having a plan in place will bring peace of mind to both ourselves and our loved ones, as our loved ones will know exactly what our wishes are and can make decisions on our behalf with confidence.

Additionally, having a plan in place can help to prevent unnecessary medical interventions or treatments. Without a plan, medical providers and other people who may mean well, may be inclined to provide aggressive treatments that may not align with our wishes. When we have our medical organisation sorted out neatly, we can ensure that our medical care aligns with our values and preferences.

There are a variety of professionals whom we can discuss this with, such as will writers who can advise about creating power of attorney documents in relation to healthcare directives, as well as healthcare providers who can advise on the type of healthcare issues one may need to consider when it comes to caregiving. It is important to consult with these sorts of professionals in order to then plan out our medical organisation.

Its easy to take our mental and physical autonomy for granted when we are healthy, but its crucial to remember that the most important thing when it comes to preparing for end-of-life situations is a sense of urgency. We shouldn’t put it off for another day, as we don’t know what the next day might bring. Hence, by planning for our medical care while we are in good health, speaking with someone we trust about it and doing it with a sense of urgency, we can ensure that our wishes are honoured and that we receive the care we want if unfortunate life events occur. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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