Brand Campaign – Life Practitioners

Brand Campaign – Life Practitioners

Xiao En Group launches its 2022 Brand Campaign “Life Practitioners” in tribute to front-line funeral personnel across the world.

This new year, Xiao En Group has launched the Life Practitioners campaign to pay tribute to the front-line funeral personnel that specialize in the funeral cycle’s five essential services and invite you to experience the most humane will under the sun.

They started with a noble goal in mind, and with perseverance, stay on course to perform their duties so that the departed can conclude their life’s journey satisfactorily. Breaking the sterile image that funeral services merely involve the “mortuary, funeral, and burial”, Xiao En wishes to shed light on the heartfelt process of concluding a life’s journey with dignity – that being the five essential services of “Family Care, Clinical Care, Bereavement Care, Park Operation, and Counselling & Support“.

Family Care

To promote life and death education to plan for one’s funeral in advance based on informed decisions. Family care personnel form bonds with the bereaved beyond merely a ‘provider-customer’ dynamics to let clients understand the service content and rights. They also assist family members in handling ceremonial customs and other necessary matters after the passing of their loved ones.

Clinical Care

Clinical Care personnel are responsible for taking care of the departed’s body, from cleaning the body, to dressing the departed in a dignified and presentable manner.

Bereavement Care

The process of respecting the departed and honouring the life they lived is the heart of every funeral ceremony. The bereavement care personnel coordinate the preparations for each funeral ceremony, prepares the offerings, and ensures the proceedings go smoothly.

Park Operation

The penultimate part of the funeral cycle, in which the departed is buried or cremated.

Counselling & Support

The Counselling & Support personnel provides grief counselling and accompanies the family of the departed through their journey of grief, that they may move forward mentally and emotionally.

Funeral personnel dedicate themselves to complete each case carefully and professionally, assisting the families of the departed in coordinating tedious matters, which includes arranging for the body reception, mortuary arrangement, ceremonial arrangements, venue planning, provision of offerings, burial matters, and follow-up care work. The completion of the funeral cycle is meant to allow family members to live on with peace when the ceremony is done and the departed has been bade farewell.

With the pandemic of the century still looming large over the world, it is the funeral personnel that play the role of the warm ferryman for those facing the last mile of life. Therefore, Xiao En Group hopes to shed light on this special profession by showcasing its significance via various media that provide insights into this often-overlooked career. Life practitioners pour out their hearts and souls into their craft in ages past, so that peace may be found by both the living and the departed. That persistence and passion for the work of concluding the journey of life can still be found in those who commit to this profession till this day.

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