Kelantan Chung Hwa Independent High School Attends Xiao En’s Life Education Tour

Kelantan Chung Hwa Independent High School Attends Xiao En’s Life Education Tour

Urban and rural development are inherently different, but it is truly touching and admirable to see how in towns and villages where resources are relatively scarce, the thirst for knowledge is still being passed on. We are moved and inspired by this spirit of education upheld by the Kelantan Chung Hwa Independent High School, as well as being the last remaining Chinese independent school in the East Coast region, spanning three states: Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang.

Therefore, we particularly cherish this opportunity for communication. The teachers and students from Kelantan Chung Hwa Independent High School made a late-night 6-hour journey to Kuala Lumpur and the next morning visited Xiao En Centre, embarking on an exploration of “life education” and engaging in dialogue with life practitioners. They paid tribute to the profound love left by their teachers of the Silent Mentor programme. Finally, during the reflection activities, they contemplated death, coming to deeply appreciate the value of being alive.

“We cannot escape life and death, so we must strive to live without regrets before we die.”

“A person in a vegetative state is essentially someone who has lost the ability to care for themselves. I am grateful to have witnessed this utmost respect for life.”

“Life carries countless hopes and inspirations. Even the smallest details are the driving force of life.”

We all inspire and nourish each other’s lives through our individual experiences and growth. Life influences life, and this happens naturally.