Ash Burial

What is Ash Burial ?

Ash burial, is a method of green burial, referring to the process where the deceased’s remains are cremated, and the ashes are finely processed. These ashes are then planted into a designated area, covered with topsoil and allowed to return to the earth.

No permanent structures, markings, columbariums, tombstones, or any form of memorialization are created. The goal is to let the remains blend into nature, promoting environmental preservation, conserving land resources, and enhancing the cultural and human funerary practices.

Ash Burial Overview

  • The cremated ashes are processed into a fine powder.
  • A hole is dug into the ground with a diameter of 10cm and a depth of at least 80cm.
  • A powdered ashes is poured into the hole and covered with the surrounding soil.
  • Grass is replanted over the area.
  • No markers or symbols are allowed.
  • Religious ceremonies are not permitted.
  • The entire process is completed within 30 minutes, ensuring a swift and efficient ceremonial experience.

* Case study by Dharma Drum Mountain Green Life Park

Environmental Conservation Vision

  1. Natural Environmental Conservation
    • Preserving the natural landscape, maintaining ecological balance, and coexisting harmoniously with nature.
    • Utilizing land in a sustainable manner, minimizing the burden on future generations.
    • With ash burials, one returns to the earth, nourishing the flowers like spring soil.
  2. Eco-Friendly Ceremony
    • A solemn and simple ash burial process, without any religious rituals, no incense, candles, or paper offerings, and without the elaborate customs of traditional ceremonies. With a sincere heart, we wish for the departed to let go of all attachments and peacefully return to nature.
  3. Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
    • Free from the traditional extravagant practices commonly seen in funerals, it minimizes the use of land resources and embrace a natural yet simple approach. It embodies the spirit of frugality, simplicity, and cleanliness in funeral practices.
  4. Mental & Spiritual Well-being
    • No graves or tombstones are constructed, detaching from all external forms. There is no fear of death, and it teaches people to joyfully embrace life and death. This approach aims to maintain the purity and tranquility of the soul.

Ash Burial Process

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Ash Burial Day Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. What is ash burial?

Ash burial is a process where the remains of a departed person are cremated, and the resulting ashes are finely ground. These ashes are then placed into a pit in a designated area and covered with topsoil. No permanent structures, markers, columbarium, gravestone, or tombs are created.

02. How many person's ashes can be buried each time in an ash burial pit?

Each ash burial pit can only accommodate one person.

03. Can the departed's ashes be retrieved later after the ash burial is complete?

No. This is because after the ash burial, the departed’s ashes will become one with the earth, blending into nature, and cannot be retrieved.

04. Is lighting incense or burning offerings allowed within the park area?

Lighting incense, burning offerings, and other religious rituals are not allowed within the ash burial area.

05. Is ash burial suitable for all religious beliefs and ethnicities?

The ash burial process does not involve any religious ceremonies. Except for Muslims, anyone can choose ash burial according to their own wishes and beliefs.

06. Can the burial site be relocated after the burial?

No. This is because after the ash burials, the departed’s ashes will blend with the natural soil, making it impossible to relocate the burial site.

07. Can a memorial stone be erected for ashes burials to facilitate future generations to pay respects to?

No. The purpose of ash burial is to reduce the use of land resources and not burden future generations, allowing people to have more relaxed perspective on life and death.

08. Can the ash burial ceremony be performed directly after the funeral?

After the body is cremated, the family must make a separate appointment to conduct t6he ash burial ceremony.

09. Can we choose the burial pit location within the park?

No, you cannot. All ash burials are carried out in sequential order, and it is not possible to choose a specific plot.

10. Can we choose other burial customs be observed to go with ash burials?

No, you cannot. The ash burial emphasizes solemnity and simplicity, and therefore does not involve any religious rituals. It follows the principles of returning to nature and practicing a minimalist, clean approach to burial.

11. Can we plant flowers or trees on the lawn of the ash burial site?

No, you cannot. The ash burial site only covers the top layer of soil with grass, and after a certain period of time, the soil will turned over and recycled for future use.

12. If you choose ash burial, do you still need funeral services?

Family members can choose suitable funeral services according to their preferences and budget. After the cremation process, they will need to make an appointment for another time to conduct the ash burial ceremony.

13. Can foreigners / non-Malaysian citizens choose to have ash burial?

If the deceased is a Malaysian Permanent Resident (PR) or holds the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa, they can choose to have ash burial at Xiao En Memorial Park.

Price RM 2,800