Malacca Pay Fong Middle School’s Visit To Learn About Death and Living Better

Malacca Pay Fong Middle School’s Visit To Learn About Death and Living Better

” I never knew there were so many types of burial methods. Today, I learned about eco-friendly ash burial for the first time.”
” I acquired knowledge that I wouldn’t normally come across.”

Indeed, the upper one-year students of Pay Fong Middle School in Malacca are among the first visitors to know about ash burial through life education tour.
Just as we anticipated, life education combined with environmental education tells stories to the living, paying tribute to the spirit of the departed. It allows for the possibility of coexistence and sustainability.
” The most memorable quote from today: Death is never the focus, Forgetting is.”

One student made a creative suggestion about epitaphs that left a deep impression. ” Can I include my favourite recipes in my epitaph? ” they asked.
” That way, people who visit me can remember the food I loved and even bring it to me! ”
We are pleased to see that the student, through this visit, is gradually understanding the philosophy of finding peace in life and death.

In the afternoon, they visited Xiao En Centre and had conversations with the life practitioners. ” It is through their meticulous attention to detail that I truly understand what respect means,” one person remarked.
” I am speechless at the selfless contributions made by these silent mentors in the field of medicine. I admire their love and courage,” another said.

” Through the reflection activities, I have come to realize that I am often kinder to strangers than to my own parents,” someone else shared.
” Life is unpredictable, and I should cherish the time I have now to talk to my parents more and appreciate the people in front of me,” another person concluded.

Life education is truly remarkable. The perspective of embracing life in the face of death, as long as one sincerely experiences it, it will always bring different surprises and growth. The life education team is grateful for the thoughtful gifts brought by the teachers and students. We will continue to encourage each other on this journey.