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Farewell Organisation
Farewell Organisation: Planning Your Funeral Early

Death is an inevitable part of life, and it is important to plan for it early. Planning our funeral arrangements while we are in good health may seem like a premature task – something that be done later. But life is unpredictable, and we will never know what may happen tomorrow. Hence, planning our funeral arrangements early will not only provide peace of mind for both ourselves and our loved ones, but also help lessen the burden on our loved ones from making decisions based on ‘guesswork’ about our remains. Here are some reasons why we should plan our funeral in advance.

Firstly, planning our funeral arrangements early allows us to make decisions about how we want to be remembered. We can choose our desired type of funeral service, whether it be a traditional funeral with religious rites or simply a celebration of life. We can personalise our funerals to include specific music, songs, readings, videos, and other personal touches. By making these decisions ourselves, we can ensure our wishes are carried out exactly as we want them to be.

Secondly, planning our funeral arrangements early can help alleviate the burden on our loved ones. In the event we pass away, our family and friends will be grieving. Having to make decisions about our funeral arrangements while under emotional stress can be overwhelming. So by planning in advance, we can take that burden off their shoulders and allow them to focus on grieving, healing and remembering us.

Thirdly, as discussed in our earlier article ‘Financial Organisation: The Importance of Planning Ahead’, planning our funeral arrangements in advance can also help alleviate financial stress on our loved ones. Funerals can be expensive, and by planning ahead, we can budget for our funeral expenses or even pre-pay for them. This can help our loved ones avoid unexpected costs and financial strain during an already difficult time.

Lastly, planning our funeral arrangements in advance can also help ensure that our wishes, beliefs, and values are respected. When we plan ahead, we can make sure that our preferences are communicated clearly to our trusted person who will manage our final affairs organisation, our loved ones and anyone else relevant to us. This can help avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements about your final wishes.

Like everything else involved in Final Affair Organising, planning our funeral arrangements while we are in good health is an important part of preparing for our end-of-life journey. By doing so, we can ensure that our wishes are respected, lessen the mental and emotional stress on our loved ones, and provide financial security for those left behind. It may be an uncomfortable task to do, but it is one that can bring peace of mind and comfort when our time to leave this world comes.

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