#ActNow Campaign

#ActNow Campaign

We’ve shown our love for our country, now let’s show our love to those who are close to us.

TV hosts, radio deejays, designer, singers, actors, models, film directors and inspiring individuals gathered to encourage others to show their affection and appreciation for their loved ones in the #ActNow campaign.

The #ActNow campaign is a public service announcement initiated by Xiao En that serves to remind people to care more for those dear to them. And not wait till it’s too late. It sounds like the most obvious thing to do, yet many of us procrastinate.

As a bereavement care provider, we have witnessed enough situations where family members and friends wished that they had done more for their dearly departed loved ones. Very often, it is about the little acts. Things we can easily do without having to wait for a special occasion, like spending more time with our kids, taking our parents out to try something new or just telling them that we love them.

The #ActNow campaign echoes Xiao En’s philosophy of “Caring Like Family”. It’s an idea we hope to share with the world. We believe that life is precious and that we should cherish those who are dear to us, especially when there’s still time. With the #ActNow campaign, we hope that more people will lead a more meaningful life, with no regrets, by making time for their loved ones now and making every moment count.

Our gratitude goes out to Asha Gill, Susan Lankester, Melinda Looi, Chelsia Ng, Jeremy Teo, Ash Nair, Bernie Chan, John Tan, Sean Lee Chee Chew and Saw Teong Hin who made time to support this cause, for walking the talk, and for being there.

#ActNow Video Campaigns


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Let's hear it from them. Personal stories from our kind-hearted celebrities

Melinda Looi - Fashion Designer

Chelsia Ng - Singer, Actress, Songwriter

John Tan - Actor, Model

Asha Gill - TV Host, Radio Deejay, NLP Master Practitioner

Susan Lankester - Actress, Director, Producer

Sean Lee - Radio Deejay, Actor

Jeremy Teo - Radio Deejay, Event Emcee

Ash Nair - Musician, Actor

Bernie Chan - Model, Actress, Event Emcee

Saw Teong Hin - Malaysia Film Director

#ActNow “Donate-a-Comment” Charity Drive

We all know that we should Act Now when it comes to showing our loved ones that we care. Tell us who you would like to show your appreciation to and how. For every Facebook comment we receive on our “#ActNow Donate-a-Comment” charity post from 4 till 30 June 2018, Xiao En will donate RM10* to the “HOPE worldwide Malaysia” which contributes to education programs for underprivileged children. To participate, click on Xiao En Facebook Page for more info.

*Xiao En will donate up to RM15,000 to HOPE worldwide Malaysia for its education program.