Second Group of Tsun Jin High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Second Group of Tsun Jin High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

One day later, we welcomed another group of senior high school students from Tsun Jin High School for the outdoor learning on life education.

Time and time again, despite the long duration of the activities and the overbearing heat, we persevere with the tour, and they persevere in attending.

Our purpose doesn’t come from the applause or praise received after the learning ends. It is the seeds deeply planted in the hearts of these children that will one day sprout and grow to other walks of life.

After the pandemic, many schools have actively participated in life education learning. Life and death are significant matters, especially in the past year or two. Life education related to understanding life and death and contemplating the meaning of life has become a compulsory subject for many schools at the start of the academic year.

Each time, we take the opportunity to learn more about the current circumstances from the organizing teachers, and their attentive observations often move the Life Education promotion team deeply. “Today’s young students increasingly underestimate life, have a negative attitude towards life, and obscure the meaning of life. The issues of confusion and obstacles related to life are worrying. Therefore, life education should be a necessary approach to alleviate the real-life problems of young individuals,” expressed one of the teachers.

It turns out that the deep cultivation of life education over the past 20 years led to one conclusion: sustained actions that are acknowledged must be related to something meaningful.