Tsun Jin High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Tsun Jin High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

We express our gratitude to Tsun Jin High School for participating in the outdoor learning on life education.

Yesterday, we welcomed a group of senior high school students and teachers to Xiao En Memorial Park and Xiao En Centre. Throughout the tour, we deeply felt that everyone approached the study of life and death with an open mindset.

Here, there is no consideration of religion, no barriers based on ethnicity, and no taboos regarding death.

The Life Education promotion team often asks themselves: why are so many students and teachers willing to travel long distances and overcome obstacles to participate in the life education tours? Is it just to step out of the classroom?

We asked the accompanying teachers what motivates them to persevere in promoting life education at school. They often smile and say, “We believe that every child has a seed of goodness within them. As long as we provide patience and guidance, there will always be a day when it grows strong.”

Education can be that simple.