Kulai Foon Yew High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Kulai Foon Yew High School’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Following the visit from Foon Yew High School in Johor Bahru, we welcomed another group of students from the Kulai Foon Yew High School last Thursday.

During the guided tour, we initially thought that the youths might not be able to focus and listen for an extended period. However, their focused response and interactions deeply moved the Life Education promotion team. Observing the bright and attentive eyes of the students, as well as their heartfelt reflections during the discussion session, it was evident that they were eager and receptive to knowledge of life and death beyond the classroom. While they may not understand the entirety of the subject, they are nevertheless curious and eager to know more.

Similarly, despite the eight-hour round trip journey, they were persistent in attending the tour.

In today’s education system that emphasizes academic achievement, should growing children solely be content to sit themselves in front of computers, chasing credits, striving for grades, and competing for prestigious schools? Is that the essence of life? These are core questions that both modern parents and children need to contemplate.

The team leader remarked, “I have participated in several events like this, but I think that a lot of thought and effort went into every detail of this program, and it becomes more refined and enlightening each time.”

Throughout the journey, we are deeply grateful for the trust that schools have placed on life education and their recognition of Xiao En’s role in it. There are some things we endure for the sake of hope, other times it is because we persevere and therefore there is hope.

The path of life education not only requires people who are willing to continuously engage in practical and repetitive work, but it also needs individuals with determination to persevere and make progress. This way, the path becomes wider and extends further.

During the farewell, this group of young students requested the Life Education promotion team members to write them blessings. They then shyly said, “Thank you,” before turning and boarding the bus. Watching these groups of children expressing their gratitude and care in their own way was truly heartwarming.