JB Foon Yew High School ‘s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

JB Foon Yew High School ‘s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

On the last Friday of the school holiday, we welcomed the members of the “Growth Team” from JB Foon Yew High School, along with three teachers, who came to Xiao En Memorial Park and Xiao En Centre for an outdoor learning session on life education. After the learning session, they headed back to Johor Bahru directly from Kuala Lumpur. Their thirst for knowledge and dedication to learning is truly admirable!

During the learning process, the students were attentive to what they saw and heard, constantly reflecting, digesting, and even connecting the topics of life and death to real-life situations. They engaged in discussions with the Life Education promotion team during the guided tour. This undoubtedly reflects the noble belief within life education – that death is a topic that can be openly discussed under the sunlight.

Mr Lim, a teacher acting as the team leader, participated in life education learning activities several years ago and has actively promoted it within the school. Such actions are both admirable and moving. We are deeply grateful to see the seeds sown by those before us have come to fruition!

Promoting life education is an effort that requires patience and continuous effort, but it has not dampened the enthusiasm of the teachers who are committed to creating a meaningful “life.” To the teachers and students of JB Foon Yew High School, we look forward to future encounters!

To live prepared for death is to empower one’s life.