Garden of Eternal Compassion

Garden of Eternal Compassion

The story of a departed loved one is a family heritage; a testimony to their continuation and immortality within the family’s life.

With this in mind, the Garden of Eternal Compassion is built as a dignified and stately “repository” that is set against a beautiful scenery of flowers and greeneries as a serene background. It also boasts beautiful imagery of lotus flowers as part of its design.

In Chinese culture, lotus flowers are admired and considered precious, sacred and beautiful. Lotus roots are latched in mud with the flower submerged underneath, but blooms without a speck of dirt on the flower during the day. Hence, the flower carries symbolisms of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment that refers to how one achieves a state of peace and harmony when the earthly troubles disappear.

Tomb Product Specifications: 12’ x 17’

Price From RM 79,100


** T&C apply.
** Price exclude Tomb Construction, Maintenance Fee & Processing Fee.