Garden of Virtuous

Garden of Virtuous

Chinese culture places great emphasis on filial piety. The purpose of creating the family cemetery is a traditional practice based on this integral value.

It is from this value that the “Terrace of Noble” and “Garden of Virtuous” parks derived their names.

The Garden of Virtuous is designed as part of two adjacent cemeteries based on the Chinese imperial family garden concept, which provides ample space in a beautiful scenery.

This allows families to design personalized places to commemorate their ancestors according to the needs of their respective family heritage.

The entire cemetery blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment and natural topography, which highlights the aesthetics of the architectural design. The cemetery is also part of a committed effort to establish a park that promotes virtue and education.

Tomb Product Specifications: 26’ x 24.8’

Price From RM 786,800


** T&C apply.
** Price exclude Tomb Construction, Maintenance Fee & Processing Fee.