Funeral Service SOP

Funeral Service SOP

1) Funeral Planning

  • When encountering sudden incidents, we care for the trauma you and your families go through. Therefore, we provide timely professional inquiry services you need.
  1. Preliminary Funeral Arrangement
    Upon the passing of your loved one, gather family members together for a discussion to wisely select a reliable funeral service provider. Check the reputation of the service providers, their service standards and facilities, including assistance for families on the preparation of the necessary paperwork.

  2. Obtaining Death Certificate
    A Death Certificate is needed to access funeral facilities, obtain burial cremation permit, and it is a mandatory document to file for claims on the deceased’s estate, locally or overseas.
    Before you can obtain a Death Certificate (Sijil Kematian) from the National Registration Department, you need to get the proof of death (Dokumen Bukti Kematian) from related parties. If the death takes place in a hospital, the hospital will provide the documents. If it happens in a place other than a hospital, the City Council (Department of Health) or the police will provide the certification.
  3. Funeral Service
    Provide funeral ceremonies and prepare the necessary items, and also introduce the whole integration services provided by the company.
  4. Location of Funeral Service
    When deciding on the venue of the funeral service (parlour or residence), do consider the budget, time and transportation issues, the number of people attending and facilities available etc.Services provided: –

    • We provide all year round 24-7 hospice inquiry service
    • One professional Family Care Consultant will assist the families to deal with all kinds of funeral arrangement matters
    • We assist the family with document applications.
    • We provide complete funeral service procedure explanation

2) Transport the Deceased

  • The funeral service provider commissioned by the family will be tasked by bringing the body to the funeral parlor or residence. This duty requires a family member to sign a letter of consent.Services provided: –
    • Providing one hearse and one transporting for transporting the deceased back to the funeral parlor or residence.

3) Decedent Care

  • The funeral service provider will appoint a professional care team to perform the decent care and encoffin services. Families can opt for dry ice embalmment or liquid injection. As a mark of respect, a female mortician will be assigned for bodies of women, and vice versa.Services provided: –
    • Our professional bereavement clinical care division will manage the deceased body and his/her clothing.
    • Assist in the execution of the ceremony.
    • Family Care Consultant supervises related staff on the ritual procedures and assists family with worship ceremony.

4) Funeral Ceremony Coordination

  • The ceremony is customized based on the information provided by the family, who remember the life of the deceased and present an unforgettable memory for family and friends.Services provided: –
    • A funeral ritualist or consultant will be assigned to help arrange necessary details.
    • The funeral ritualist or consultant will help you on the funeral procedures and provide professional advice.
    • The funeral ritualist can also assist in memorial hallo and altar décor arrangement if there is a special request.
    • Writing obituary according to the status of the deceased and the family and putting it in our company website.

5) Set Up Mourning Hall

  • When you are in the difficult time saying goodbye to your loved one, we assist you transform your grief to remembrance and arrange related religious ceremony. So you can have completely quiet and magnificent space to remember your loved one.Services provided: –
    • Setting up a worship room for family to worship in the mornings and evenings during the bereavement period.
    • Professional funeral consultant provides related information during the bereavement period.

6) Wake Service

  • The wake service is a vital mourning ritual and a time of commemorating the life and legacy of your loved one. The funeral ritualist will assist and coordinate procedure in conformity with Buddhist, Taoist, Christian or Catholic or other traditions.Services provided: –
    • The master of ceremonies will conduct the whole ritual ceremony.
    • The assistant of the master will arrange the offerings for the ceremony.

7) Funeral Ritual Ceremony

  • The music urges the departure. The deceased has completed his life with dignity. At this moment of saying goodbye, we will accompany you to support the deceased to continue his next journey with respect.Services provided: –
    • A team of professional band plays live music to create the atmosphere.
    • Transporting staff moves the casket onto the hearse with the customized casket cart.
    • Funeral consultant leads the cremation team to the cremation location.

8) Burial and Cremation Services

  • The religious belief, cultural and customary practices of the deceased should be carefully considered when making decision on the burial site. This includes the family wishes and budget too. Be it burial or cremation, the site must comply with established local ordinances and guidelines.
    • For Burial
      The family should consider the location, surrounding environment, accessibility, facility of the cemetery, its design and specification etc. The service of a chaplain or a monk can be requested to conduct the burial ceremony. Once the coffin is laid, the burial site would be covered with earth and a tombstone would be erected on the site.
    • For Cremation
      Upon cremation, the remains (burnt ashes) would be collected in an urn and fully sealed. The family would then collect the urn and place it either a columbarium or burial plot. Again, it is advisable to carefully consider the location, structure, facilities and security issues etc.

9) Grief Counselling

  • Xiao En consultants provide counselling service through phone support, individual counselling, family counselling and group counselling, so that the family and relatives can grief through the hard period.