Heartfelt Recording of “Embracing Life in the Face of Death”

Heartfelt Recording of “Embracing Life in the Face of Death”

Although “Life & Death Education” has not yet become a compulsory course, it is still a pursuit worthy of commendation.

35 students from the Kuala Lumpur Chung Hwa Independent High School chose this subject matter as their extracurricular elective and embarked on a journey to Xiao En to experience the life & death education tour.

Integrating technology for modern learning, the students used cameras and microphones to vlog and document the process of “Embracing Life in the Face of Death”, acting like professional journalists as they interviewed our “Life Practitioners.”

When they return, the students have more to do to complete this unique “life assignment.”

Interest in “Life Education” has begun to grow, and children now face life with a fresh perspective, cherishing life and the people around them. This is why we tirelessly dedicate ourselves to this cause.