Principal & Staff from Hua Xia Private School Visit Xiao En Centre

Principal & Staff from Hua Xia Private School Visit Xiao En Centre

Over two decades ago, Xiao En fearlessly confronted societal taboos surrounding life and death in the hope of making substantial contributions to the realms of life education and end-of-life care.

Today, we are delighted to witness the active participation of numerous academic institutions, religious organizations, and even industry counterparts who have begun to actively promote life education. The most important element being that everyone recognizes its profound significance.

Last week, we warmly welcomed the principal and the administrative staff from Hua Xia Private School, for a tour led by Xiao En’s Managing Director Dato’ Frank Choo and greeted by the members of the board of directors at Xiao En Centre who were honoured to receive their visit.

Our shared humanitarian philosophies create a deep sense of mutual understanding and appreciation. Xiao En Centre also commits to integrating all available resources and collaborating on experiential learning, aiming to propel the field of life education forward.

This also reflects our company’s steadfast and empathetic approach, ensuring that every step is taken with care. While the progress may seem slower, we believe heaven rewards empathy.