Parent’s Day 2024 双亲节 Set B

Package included:-

  • Black Tea Kumquat Veggie Steak | 红茶金桔酱素扒
  • Tea-Infused Spaghetti | 茶香意面
  • Potato Salad | 薯仔沙拉
  • Tea Veggies | 茶原时蔬
  • Longevity Bun | 迷你寿桃
  • Black Tea Red Bean Paste | 红茶红豆糊
  • Seasonal Fruits | 时令水果
  • Tea | 茶饮
  • Flower Offerings | 供花
  • Joss Stick | 清香
  • Message Card | 祝福寄语卡

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Terms & Conditions 规则与条件

  1. This service will be provided at Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai on 27 May 2024. Xiao En staff will perform the dedication service at the pre-described plot / niche.
    此服务将于2024 年 5 月 27 日 在汝莱孝恩园进行。孝恩同仁将在先人墓前 / 塔位前代家属献上心意。
  2. This service is open for registration from now until 5pm on 24 May 2024.
    此服务由即日起至 2024 年 5 月 24 日,下午 5 点 接受订购。

Attention 注意事项

  1. Please fill in the plot / niche number and the full name (Chinese & English) of the ancestor in the “Lot No” and “Deceased Name” column, to assist Xiao En Group in document processing.
    请订购者在 “Lot No” 和 “Deceased Name” 栏填写塔位 / 墓园号码以及一位欲悼念的先人中英文名字,以协助孝恩集团文书处理。
  2. Please leave your message in the “Blessing Card Message” column. Chinese message must not exceed 50 words, English message not exceeding 25 words.
    订购者可在 “Blessing Card Message” 栏里填写欲献给先人的祝福,中文文长不超过50字, 英文文长不超过25字。
  3. The purchaser must also provide their name, mobile phone number and e-mail address to allow us to send the photo to the purchaser. Xiao En will send photo of the dedication done to purchaser within 7 days.
  4. Only ONE (1) ancestor name is required for each set of services.
  5. No cancellation nor refund will be entertained after payment has been made.