EC2024 Virtue of Eternity 甲级莲位

Registration Due Date : 02 Aug 2024, 5pm

In stock

In stock
RS0040 ,


可填写 三 位 亡者姓名 Up to 3 departed souls

配套内含 | Package included

  • 牌位,鲜花,素菜饭,福食,茶,香烛等……
    Tablet, Fresh flowers, Vegetarian foods, “Fu Shi”, Chinese tea, Candles etc.
  • 共享拜祭品:水果 & 糕点
    Shared offering: Fruits & Kuih-muih

Terms & Conditions 规则与条件

  1. 甲辰年盂兰超渡功德大法会由即日起至 2024 年 8 月 2 日 下午 5 点 接受报名。先到先得,额满为止。
    Enlightenment Ceremony is open for registration from now until 2 August 2024, 5:00pm or until subscription is full, whichever is occurs first.
  2. 法会将于 2024 年 8 月 16 至 18 日 在汝莱孝恩园里举行。
    Enlightenment Ceremony will be held from 16-18 August 2023, at Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai.
  3. 报名付费后,报名者请点击 [ 盂兰超渡报名表格 ] 链接,并填写资料回复孝恩集团。
    After payment is made, all subscribers are required to click the [ Enlightenment Ceremony Registration Form ] link and fill in the form.
  4. 报名者必须提供准确资料(报名者姓名、配套,联系号码,电邮及其他),以协助孝恩工作人员后续文书处理与联系。
    The subscribers must provide ACCURATE details (i.e., subscriber’s name, package, contact number, email address and etc) to facilitate documentation processing and contacts by Xiao En Group.
  5. 所有报名者将在法会前3个工作日内收到孝恩集团发出的二维码,敬请留意电邮信箱和手机信息。(除了 乙级莲位 RM388 及 超荐莲位 RM128)
    All subscribers will receive a QR code 3 days before the actual event. Look forward to our email and SMS from Xiao En Group for the QR code.
    (Except for Virtue of Eternity 乙级莲位 – RM388 & Virtue of Eternity 超荐莲位 – RM128)
  6. 付费后所有取消报名或退款要求将不受理。
    After payment is made, no cancellation or refund request will be entertained.

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