Celebrating Gratefulness & Desiring Peace This Winter Solstice 2023

Celebrating Gratefulness & Desiring Peace This Winter Solstice 2023

As Winter Solstice 2023 approaches, a time that is traditionally associated with the warmth of family and celebrating the turning of darkness into light, this year also serves as a poignant reminder to reflect on the global events that have caused unrest, touching even the communities in Malaysia. In the midst of these challenges, the Winter Solstice stands as a symbolic time for not only gratitude, but also introspection and the promotion of peace and wholeness.

Reflecting on Our Blessings: Practicing Gratitude

The Winter Solstice prompts us to pause and reflect on the tumultuous events that have unfolded globally, affecting communities far and wide, including those in Malaysia, notably in the promotion of certain protests in our public schools recently. This period of festivity invites us to reflect and express gratitude for the blessings we often take for granted.

Amidst the chaos, it becomes crucial to embrace the gift of life and appreciate the blessings that surround us. The Winter Solstice encourages us to be grateful for the foundation of our existence – our families. In the hustle of daily life, it’s essential to cherish the invaluable aspects, such as health, safety, and opportunities that contribute to our well-being. This season prompts us to appreciate the peace that enables us to savour the closeness of family and the abundance of blessings we often overlook.

The Cycle of Wholeness

In contemplating the cycle of life, the message that everyone needs to heed both nationally and globally in these recent couple of years, is one that life practitioners are intimately familiar with. Each day with every person from all walks of life, life practitioners have always worked to promote and retain wholeness in families – for both the living and departed.

Having seen the effects of death, the impact of the loss of loved ones and what it does to the living left behind daily, life practitioners know the cycle of wholeness very intimately – that for families and individuals to achieve wholeness, healing and closure must occur.  For healing and closure to happen, it must stem from a heart full of gratitude. To foster gratitude, it must be facilitated from place of peace. Peace will lead right back to wholeness. The wholeness of a nation is entirely dependent on wholeness of families.

Strengthening Bonds in Families

The Winter Solstice serves as a time of reunion, calling families to come together and celebrate the goodness of life. However, the essence of reunion becomes hollow if polarizing opinions are allowed to divide people. The message resonating through this season is clear – do not allow differing perspectives to create rifts between individuals, friends, families, or communities.

As we bask in the warmth of peace that we Malaysians currently enjoy during this season, it’s crucial to extend empathy and a desire for peace to others. The Winter Solstice encourages us not only to appreciate our own tranquillity but also to wish for the same peace and harmony for everyone – both fellow Malaysians and other nationalities that are currently experiencing conflict. By fostering love and understanding, we can contribute to a collective sense of well-being, transcending boundaries and building a world where the goodness of life prevails.

Our Message For The World

Winter Solstice 2023 calls for a collective pause, encouraging individuals and communities, including those in Malaysia, to reflect on the blessings, appreciate life, empathise with those who’ve experienced loss and their sorrow, and strengthen the bonds that unite us all – our humanity. Therefore, as we embrace this season of reflection and gratitude, our message as a nation should be thus: that we promote peace and wholeness for all, for the desire of peace to transcend and overcome barriers, for the sake of a world where understanding and harmony flourish. Less the conflict outside our nation, becomes a divisive blade that cuts our own peace.

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