Exploring Life Education Beyond Textbooks During Year-End Break

Exploring Life Education Beyond Textbooks During Year-End Break

The year-end, the season after school exams. But the journey of learning for children doesn’t stop there, instead it’s a great opportunity to explore a broader perspective on life and knowledge beyond textbooks with an open mind.

The class of J3G, secondary school students of Tsun Jin High School have chosen an unconventional path during this extended break by engaging in a “Life Education” tour centred around the theme of  ” Embracing Life in the Face of Death “. What pleasantly surprised us is that these young students exhibit mature thoughts beyond their tender years.

” Did you know that the arteries are near the neck?”
” We never realized how much dedication goes into being a ‘Life Practitioner’ after someone passes away.”
” Taking good care of the departed also helps alleviate the emotions of their loved ones. Thank you.”
” The funeral industry deserves more recognition.”
” Silent mentors are truly admirable.”
” I used to fear and avoid discussing death, but actually it’s something we can openly talk about.”
” Life may seem simple yet challenging, the only thing we can do is strive to live without regrets.”
” Embracing life in the face of death should bring a greater sense of hope for the future. We will continue to strive for a fulfilling life.”

Indeed, life education can present some challenges for young children. However, we convey the precious lesson of ” gaining after loss ” to them with simple language. Life doesn’t come with a second chance! This time, let’s get a little closer to “death,” then have a conversation with our living selves, learning to embrace hope and strive to live a life without regrets.

As the year-end approaches, it also marks the countdown to the conclusion of our life education journey in 2023. We eagerly anticipate a new chapter in 2024, hoping that more people will join us in creating a brilliant new chapter together.