Oneworld Hanxin College’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Oneworld Hanxin College’s Outdoor Learning on Life Education

Life and death education is about confronting the realities of life and death. Only through a true understanding of death can we learn to respect and cherish life.

“Having open and honest discussions about death is far better than letting children try to understand it on their own.”

Last weekend, we welcomed around 40 teachers and students from Oneworld Hanxin College for their first-ever outdoor learning session on life education, led by the life education promotion team. The group set off early in the morning and arrived at Xiao En Memorial Park and Xiao En Centre to participate in the outdoor learning on life education.

Throughout the day, the students asked questions, reflected, and engaged in dialogue among themselves on various topics related to life and death. They even connected these discussions to real-life situations they have encountered. This truly reflects the spirit of life education – an open and fearless exchange of ideas under the sunlight.

We believe that only when children have the courage to face life and death can they truly embrace life.