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Funeral Services & Supports

Serving with professional and caring hands, Xiao En provides a full range of funeral services that meet the needs of all classes and beliefs. We accompany and support family members with a sincere and dedicated attitude, whilst planning final farewell ceremonies for your loved ones.

Our respect for traditional funerary customs emphasises the importance of the human touch, as well as embracing modern funeral procedures, and this has enabled us to coordinate funeral and interment matters with care and efficiency. We handle all details thoroughly, from decedent care, funeral arrangements, ritual tribute, funeral procession, and many more.

A special memorial for the dearly departed, expressing filial piety and love for them.

Buddhism Funeral Services


Blossoming into a gentle and beautiful form

RM 28,888

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Symbolic for moral quality and longevity

RM 38,888

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Symbolic for the blessing of achieving Purification of Karma

RM 49,888

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Christian Funeral Services


Liberation, protection and salvation

RM 21,888

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Fate, hope & love of eternal life

RM 32,888

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Basic Funeral Services


A symbol of personal noble ethics

RM 10,888