We are Always Here Special Promo

We are Always Here Special Promo
【We are Always Here】Special Promo

【We are Always Here】Special Promo

Enjoy savings up to 50% and 0% Easy Payment installments with any purchase of “Court of Chaya”, “Garden of Affection”, or “House of Perfection”.

Court of Chaya Luxury

Court of Chaya Columbarium (Luxury)

The Court of Chaya’s Luxury section showcases the use of Liuli – a type of contemporary oriental glass work that expresses Chinese traditional aesthetics – as unique niche plaques.

Starting Price: RM27000

Promotion: 25% rebate (rebate from RM5200 – RM22200) with 12 months EPP

Court of Chaya Deluxe

Court of Chaya Columbarium (Deluxe)

Made with high quality Greek White Marble, the Court of Chaya’s Deluxe section possesses a beautiful elegance. The nature of this particular marble also makes the niches placed here easy to maintain.

Starting Price: RM19000

Promotion: 50% rebate (rebate from RM7900 – RM24400) with 12 months EPP

Garden of Affection Urn Burial Plot

Garden of Affection (Urn Burial Plot)

The Garden of Affection is an urn garden plots that are dedicated to the internment of cremated remains, where urns containing ashes rest in the ground.

Starting Price: RM74600

Promotion: 25% rebate (RM13450) with 12 months EPP

House of Perfection Ancestral Tablet

House of Perfection (Ancestral Tablet)

The House of Perfection is an air-conditioned building that features a statue of Ksitigarbha placed in the centre. All the ancestral tablets placed here, are made with transparent materials, and arranged to surround the statue.

Starting Price: RM11000

Promotion: 25% rebate (rebate from RM2450 – RM3950 with 12 months EPP


Promotion period: 1/10/2021- 31/12/2021

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