Our Value

Our core values are based on the union of “filial piety” (Xiao) and “gratitude” (En), combining the virtue of filial piety and gratitude gratefulness.
Xiao En Group’s philosophy is developed based on respecting one’s parents, take care of other’s parents, be appreciative to others and giving back to the society.

Our Vision

To our customers, shareholders, society and the people, we aim to be the world’s most prominent institutions of memorial integrated services, in accordance with Xiao En Value at all time.

Our Mission

Cultural Mission

We take the initiative to support cultural activities and provide life care plan to the society and public.

The Memorial Mission

We build monuments and commemorations to show our respects and gratitude to the deceased and their families.

Death Care Mission

We carry out the deceased care services and serve every single family with respect, professionalism and integrity in regards of different religions and cultures.

Counseling Mission

We provide care & counseling; for families who are mourning on their loved ones.