Xiao En Centre

The design concept of Xiao En Centre, is emulating the heritage of the traditional Chinese Hall, is an integrated multi-functional space that provides memorial service and funeral activities and supports social cultural activities. Either festive ritual or social activities, Xiao En Centre embodies all the traditional practices of promoting and inheriting the ethnic cohesion of “social function” and “cultural significance.”

Xiao En Centre is officially opened on 1st June 2007. Located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, it covers the space of 13,900 square meters. A multi-functional space consists of exhibition center, seminar hall, life care resource center, theater, auditorium, and funeral facilities. With the emphasis on space with good use of natural light, it elevates the tranquility and simplicity of Xiao En Centre, displaying modern architecture and three-dimensional characteristics.

Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai

Datuk Choo Ching Hwa and his wife have travelled around the world to conduct research on the design and development of cemeteries. After years of efforts, they finally set up the Malaysia’s first private landscape cemetery in 1987 – Xiao En Memorial Park.

On 26th April 1991, it was the groundbreaking ceremony for Xiao En Memorial Park. Combining the oriental garden art and western modernized precision layout and design; a piece of green oil palm plantation is transformed into a landscape cemetery. Luxury and well-spaced with blossoming flowers, trees and green grass are the main features of Xiao En Memorial Park. Structured and organized layout of lanes and sidewalks are planned throughout the park. Inside the park, the neat arrangement and compact layout of mausoleum and columbarium are designed and planned with emphasis of originality and harmony, in line with the different faith & communities’ needs.

The landscape design of Xiao En Memorial Park incorporates various architectural function and style from different Chinese dynasties, so that the cemetery is not merely the foundation for ancestors worship venue, it is also where the education lies. It allows both overseas Chinese and non-Chinese to learn and understand the Chinese history and culture through its traditional architectural style and function and the ways of funeral, burial and ancestor worship and it becomes the implementation of social education. As a result of Xiao En Memorial Park’s unique features, the local and overseas universities, secondary or even the primary schools have visited the Park for education visit. Additionally, the Xiao En’s publications are used as teaching materials in traditional Chinese culture.

Xiao En Memorial Park is located next to the north-south highway, drive south from Kuala Lumpur city center will take about 40 minutes; from the north Seremban about 30 minutes; from Kuala Lumpur International Airport is 20 minutes away by car. Located at such strategic geographical area, Xiao En Memorial Park allows easy access and greets visitors with a beautiful scenery environment that makes people feel relaxed and blissful upon visit.


At Melaka Memorial Park, we presently have columbariums which are tastefully designed and exquisitely crafted and built in prime locations. They are also spacious, bright, serene and comforting to the loved ones left behind.

Whichever you choose, whether the air-conditioned or the open garden type, single or double compartments, you can be assured that they all share the same characteristics of meticulous planning, design and specification, at very affordable prices.