The Ancestral Tablets

The Chinese belief are “Till Death Do Us Part” &” “Together in Life and Death”. The deceased will become the spiritual root of people’s mind and heart, pass on the good moral values and let the people do goods for the next generation. “Deceased” represents the beginning of an eternal life and the blessing for the future generations. Set up a home ancestral tablets reverence for the ancestors by worshipping and remembering them in the home of God. By offering incense, it becomes a force of power to protect the family. It is also a spiritual teaching for the descendants to practice filial piety and gratitude.

House of Perfection

According to Wang Yang-Ming’s Record of Sustainable Learning, the only way for perfection is concentration and handwork on the original pure mind, that co-existed with the heavenly nature and inborn attainment of perfection.

When awareness of conscience performed from one’s heart, it will be the expression of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness, certainly assure family and social harmony. Thus ancestor worship requires sincerity for enhancement of communication beyond reals. Everyone shall attain perfection, once the sense of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness is expressed from a true heart.